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dental spaWhen you walk through the doors of Mitchell Dental Spa, you can tell right away that this is not your ordinary dentist’s office. Unlike some dental offices that simply call themselves a dental spa, this Chicago practice is truly a spa environment, offering relaxing spa treatments along with a full range of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services.

Amenities at Mitchell Dental Spa include a refreshment bar stocked with drinks and snacks, an afternoon champagne bar, and flat screen TVs in every room. Best of all, each patient receives his or her choice of a 10-15 minute complimentary spa treatment as part of the dental visit. Massage therapy is a popular patient choice, as is intensive lip hydration treatment. Facials and 30- to 90-minute spa treatments are also available by appointment.

It is Dr. Mitchell’s goal that each patient experience the most pleasant, relaxing dental visit possible. To find out more about Mitchell Dental Spa, or to make an appointment, contact our office today.

Full-service Dentistry and More

Dr. Mitchell provides comprehensive dental services, including a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Invisalign®, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers. Dr. Mitchell also provides restorative dental work, including dental crowns and bridges, along with complete general dentistry services.

In addition, Dr. Mitchell offers unique services, treating patients with symptoms of TMJ disorder and sleep apnea. She provides diagnosis and treatment options that include custom-made dental appliances, and in some cases, BOTOX® Medical therapy. BOTOX® Medical is used to help alleviate the pain of migraine headaches and ‘trigger points’ caused by the clenching of jaw muscles in TMJ patients.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is offered to Mitchell Dental Spa patients as a beauty treatment, along with other injectable anti-aging treatments.  Restylane®, JUVÉDERM® and RADIESSE® are available to target fine lines and wrinkles, giving you yet another reason to leave your dental appointment with a glowing smile.

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Mitchell Dental Spa is a different type of dental office. Located in Water Tower Place, our full-service spa offers patients up-scale, personalized care. Our precision dental care is complemented by a champagne bar, body wraps, massages, and other treatments to help you enjoy your visit as much as possible.

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Outstanding Dentistry

First and foremost, Dr. Mitchell is a highly experienced dentist. When it comes to her patients’ teeth, Dr. Mitchell does not believe in “good enough." She always strives for the best. Dr. Mitchell always creates a detailed blueprint so she and the patient can preview exactly what a new smile will look like, and she uses a trusted ceramic artist to create her final restorations.

Dr. Mitchell and her staff are known to be especially kind, gracious people, adding to the soothing environment of the Dental Spa. Most patients are very relaxed, but for those who may be anxious about dental work, sedation dentistry services are offered, including nitrous oxide gas and conscious sedation with an oral relaxant (pill).

Mitchell Dental Spa provides patients with several financing options for their dental care, including in-house financing, 90 days same as cash, and financing through CareCredit and Springstone Financial.

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Mitchell Dental Spa is located in the heart of the Gold Coast on the 9th floor of Water Tower Place. We offer 12-hour parking validations. Experience this unique dental spa for yourself! Contact us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Mitchell.