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Mitchell Dental Spa is a different type of dental office. Located in Water Tower Place, our full-service spa offers patients up-scale, personalized care. Our precision dental care is complemented by a champagne bar, body wraps, massages, and other treatments to help you enjoy your visit as much as possible.

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Male Announcer: If you are one of those people that think going to the dentist is unpleasant, well, we've got some great news that we are sure will change your mind. This is the Mitchell Dental Spa in Chicago's Water Tower Place where patients experience a whole new world in dentistry. You know there is something different about this place the moment you walk in. A calming spa like environment, soft music, and a champagne bar are just the beginning. You see, this is not just a dental office but a real full service spa that also offers dentistry. Male Voice: At the Mitchell Dental Spa we strive to offer patients the most upscale over-the-top experience imaginable. State of the art dentistry is offered along with massage, facials, and body wraps. When you combine that with a refreshment bar and your own flat screen TV you have the foundation of one of the most pleasurable experiences in dentistry. Female Patient: My husband is a physician, so we understand the importance of quality health care. Initially, it was Dr. Mitchell's incredible reputation in the dental community that brought us here, but if I can get a glass of champagne and a massage along with it then what more can I say. Dr. Mitchell: Patients are offered a choice of six ten-minute complimentary spa treatments. The majority of our patients choose either the replenish lip hydration or the relax massage. It's my goal that when they finish here they leave not feeling drained but rejuvenated. Female Patient: I love getting the lip hydration at the end of my dental visit. It feels so good. They put an exfoliant on my lips and while the moisturizer sets in they do a facial massage with cooling globes. I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Dr. Mitchell: Of course I understand many people don't enjoy going to the dentist, but here at the Mitchell Dental Spa I have the privilege to be able to pamper my patients, deliver the needed dentistry, and make it a positive experience. Female Patient 2: I've had lots of dental work done over the years, but since I've been coming to Mitchell Dental Spa I look forward to it, and it's made all the difference in the world. Male Announcer: Mitchell Dental Spa, setting a new standard in dentistry and changing the perception of dental treatment. Come and see why many people agree that this is one of America's top...