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An Enjoyable Dental Experience


Mitchell Dental Spa was featured on CLTV's program, Living Healthy Chicago. This feature shows the many spa amenities and treatments available at our office. Dr. Margaret Mitchell discusses her focus on patient care and making patients enjoy their dental experience rather than fearing them.

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Lou Canellis: Since I've been a kid I have hated to go to the dentist. And truth be told, I'm an adult, and I still can't stand going to the dentist. But now I'm hearing you can go somewhere and be pampered at the same time. Andrea Metcalf: That's right. I've already made my appointment. We're going to the Mitchell Dental Spa. Narrator: Dentist, Margaret Mitchell, decided to integrate a spa and dental office to lessen the stigma associated with a typical trip to the dentist. Dr. Margaret Mitchell: A lot of other folks in my profession will say, on a daily basis they wake up somebody looks them in the eye and they'll say, "Hey, welcome, nice to see you." And they'll say, "You know, I really hate being here." And I think as a dentist if you hear that every day it's kind of hard for your spirit. Narrator: That's why all of Dr. Mitchell's patients get a free 10 to 15 minute spa treatment with every visit. This means everything from refreshing facials to relaxing massages. Jeff Doan: We have a licensed massage therapist and a licensed esthetician on staff full-time. Narrator: And each of the exam rooms are equipped with massage chairs and personal flat screen TVs. So patients can watch television or listen to music while they're getting worked on. Dr. Margaret Mitchell: There's lots of things that we can do to make it more comfortable. Jeff Doan: Instead of the typical dental experience where most people will never say they love going to their dentist. We can find hundreds of patients that say they love coming here. Narrator: In addition to their free spa treatment, patients can treat themselves to complimentary champagne and drinks. Dr. Mitchell says her primary goal is to make patients feel relaxed and welcome. Dr. Margaret Mitchell: What I've tried to do is to make my office as non- dental as a dental office as I possibly can. Narrator: For an additional fee patients can get a more extensive spa treatment during their trip to the dentist. Most cleanings and exams cost around $150. And add-on spa treatments are around $95 more. Jeff Doan: That 10 to 15 minute service can be lengthened to a full 30, 60, 90 minute personal like charge. That's pretty normal for spas in the general Gold Coast area. Narrator: For more information check out MitchellDentalSpa.com. Andrea Metcalf: That was really cool. Lou Canellis: It really was. I mean, the massage, the facial. Can you get me an appointment? Andrea Metcalf: You know, the fun part is they have even hour long appointments afterwards. Lou Canellis: I'm in. Andrea Metcalf: Well, did you know that if you suffer from varicose veins . . .