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Luxury Dental Care and Comfort


Mitchell Dental Spa was featured on CNN for the spa-like amenities and treatments we provide. CNN warns that patients should ensure they are receiving quality dental care in addition to a wonderful spa experience. Our luxury dental care can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed while receiving precision dental treatment.

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Technician: Comfy? Patient: Mhm. Judy Fortin: Plush pillows, fresh flowers, scented candles, soothing fountains. Going to the dentist has never been so relaxing. Blonde technician: I see you're getting the royal treatment. Judy Fortin: The royal treatment is part of a trend at dental offices around the country. Dr Ada Cooper: About 50% of them offer some amenities just to make patients feel a little more comfortable and at home. Judy Fortin: Patients at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry might think they are in a spa. They're given complimentary hand and neck massages while having their teeth worked on. Dr Debra King: If we're working on a patient that is relaxed it makes our job a lot easier. Judy Fortin: At the Mitchel Dental Spa in Chicago patients are treated to free champagne in the waiting room and a cool facial massage. The American Dental Association encourages efforts to make a trip to the dentist more appealing, but has a warning. Dr Ada Cooper: Fundamentally if the dental care is not good then all of these other things can really just serve as bells and whistles. Judy Fortin; Doctor Cooper recommends talking to your dentist to make sure you are not just being pampered but that you are getting the best treatment available. For Today's Health Minute, I'm Judy Fortin.