Teeth Whitening Feature on CNN

Determining Teeth Whitening Candidacy


Watch CNN's feature on teeth whitening candidacy. Dr. Margaret Mitchell was interviewed by CNN about the advantages and disadvantages of over-the-counter products, excessive bleaching, and other issues. Dr. Mitchell helps patients determine the best options for them.

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Judy Fortin: The American Dental Association agrees, this is the quickest way to a pearly white smile. But the A.D.A. warns tooth whitening in a dental office or at home is not for everyone. Dr. Ada Cooper: Oftentimes, disease and decay manifest themselves in tooth discoloration, and if that's the case, tooth whitening is not going to be the answer for you. Judy Fortin: Dr. Margaret Mitchell agrees, and says patients should check with their dentist before trying any whitening procedure, especially those little strips bought in kits in stores. Dr. Margaret Mitchell: Some people, with the strips, they're not getting an even whitening because they're only placing the strips maybe on their front teeth. If their teeth are crowded or crooked then what happens is, they're starting to get some dark areas. Woman: The A.D.A. warns people to be careful about over-bleaching. Dr. Ada Cooper: The two most common side-effects of bleaching are tooth sensitivity, which is usually mild and transient. It goes away pretty quickly after you finish bleaching, and the second most common side-effect is mild gum irritation. Judy Fortin: Dr. Ada Cooper says, both side-effects can be avoided by consulting with a dentist. For today's Health Minute, I'm Judy Fortin.