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The Benefits of Comfortable Dentistry


ABC Nightline reports on the many perks available at Mitchell Dental Spa. Our comfortable office provides precision dental care and complimentary spa treatments. Dr. Margaret Mitchell created our spa-like environment to help patients feel more comfortable and more apt to attend their dental appointments.

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Terry Moran: Well here's a question for you, for me, for all of us. When was the last time you went to the dentist? If it's been a while don't feel bad, you're not alone. The dentist's office is, for a lot of people, not the most pleasant place. Would you be more inclined to go if your dentist offered you food and drink, even spa treatments? ABC's Eric Hong reports from Chicago. Eric Hong: But what if there were a way to make going to the dentist more tolerable, even pleasurable? What if a trip to the dentist was like a trip to the spa? That's the idea behind a growing number of dental offices that are now pampering patients. At the Mitchell Dental Spa in Chicago, that's right dental spa, the warm decor, noise canceling headphones, and flat screen T.V.'s help soothe nerves. If those things don't ease your anxiety maybe this will. So, Don how does this feel? Don: Fantastic, very relaxing. Eric Hong: After getting your fillings you can get your fill of any number of decadent delights from free bubbly to a cranberry facial on the house. Woman: I love the bulbs. Esthetician: It's all natural fruit extracts, and it just smells like you can eat it. Eric Hong: It looks delicious. Woman: You want to try some? Eric Hong: Hm, maybe. How about a complementary hand massage and lip hydration? Esthetician: How does that feel like? Is that OK? Woman: It feels tingly and funny, but I can definitely feel the plumping agent. Eric Hong: Margaret Mitchell is the resident Dr. Feelgood. About a year ago Dr. Mitchell turned her practice on it's head introducing a good dose of pleasure to balance out the pain. Receptionist: We'd like to give you a complementary massage of your head, neck, and shoulders or the lip hydration treatment. Eric Hong: The spa amenities have tripled her referral business, and her long time patients are now coming more often. Receptionist: Hi Rachel, how are you? Rachel Pluto: Good, how are you? Receptionist: Good. Eric Hong: Mother to be, Rachel Pluto enjoys the special pregnancy massage. Rachel Pluto: I really used to hate going to the dentist. Now I actually get excited. "Oh, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I'm really excited about it. I'm going to get a massage," so it's really changed the way I viewed the dentist. Eric Hong: It's not just for show. It's also good medicine says Dr. Mitchell. Relaxed patients require less Novocaine and less time in the chair, but not everyone is convinced. What do you say to those dental purists who say that this is serious work that you're doing, and massage kind of takes away from that? Dr. Margaret Mitchell: If we can offer these services to patients to make them feel better and make us feel like we're the necessary evil, I think we're doing a lot for the profession. Eric Hong: A new chair side manner that takes the bite out of dentistry. I'm Eric Hong for Nightline in Chicago.