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Spa Dentistry Helps Dental Anxiety


The ADA says one in four patients avoid going to the dentist. Spa dentistry, available at Mitchell Dental Spa, helps patients feel more comfortable during their appointments. Our massages, champagne, and other amenities make patients' visits more comfortable than they could imagine.

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Reporter: According to the American Dental Association, one in every four of us avoids going to the dentist. Most claim a previous bad experience as the reason, but a growing trend called spa dentistry is starting to change all that. Female speaker: Dental visits are not something that anyone looks forward to, and so when I heard about this type of environment, I jumped at the chance. Reporter: She's not alone. 25 percent of Americans fear going to the dentist. So with the Mitchell Dental Spa in Chicago, a massage, a glass of champagne and a cleaning are just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Mitchell: If we can get people to relax first, instead of being all tight, it makes the procedure much easier for the patient. Reporter: And it's working. Female speaker 2: It was so good. They put an exfoliant on there and they let it sit as they do a face massage, and then she got in on my shoulders and kind of worked a little bit in there. It's really nice. I did not expect it to be that enjoyable, and I would definitely get it again.